Our Vision

Building a Resilient Economy


Our major emphasis will be to grow Beaver County's population and our economic tax base. We plan to do so by ensuring our fiscal house is in order. Nothing is more important than our fiduciary duty to ensure your taxes remain low and are used effectively and responsibly. We also grow Beaver County by enhancing our quality-of-life amenities to attract new residents and families. This includes ensuring our most valuable resource - our rivers - are utilized and protected for the benefit of all residents economically and recreationally. 

Need for Good Governance


Our campiagn will be run with integrity and transparency. If fortunate to win and serve the people of Beaver County, Jack will bring new vision, leadership, professionalism, and some different but much needed business principles and competencies to the courthouse. We value and believe in free speech through civil discourse; in the respect and dignity of every individual; in self rule and personal accountability for our actions; in the spirit of free enterprise and entrepreneurship; and in equal justice for all under the rule of law.

Why Jack? Why Now?


Jack is running because at this juncture of his career "much has been given and therefore much is required." He believes that his lifelong experiences and learnings, and a history of crossing boundaries to bring the right folks together to solve our pressing problems and strengthen organizations, as well as his record of strong relationship building, can help Beaver County truly reach its full potential and bring economic prosperity to all segments of our diverse communities!


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of a meaningful movement to restore pride and faith in elected officials and public service. Show Jack that you have his back. Support the "I Back Jack" campaign today! 

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